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5 Reasons why summer could be a good time to sell your property

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

In this short read Next Move Homes Norfolk shares with you 5 reasons why the Summer months are a good time to market your home.

1. Increased buyer demand: Summer is typically a popular time for house buyers to look for a new place to live as the weather is nicer, making it more convenient for sellers to make a move.

2. More daylight hours: Longer days mean that there are more hours of natural light to showcase your property's best features, creating an atmosphere that is more welcoming and pleasant for potential buyers.

3. Curb appeal at its best: Summer is a time when lawns are at their healthiest and trees and flowers are in full bloom, making your home's exterior look attractive. A well-maintained front lawn and garden can significantly boost your home's appeal to potential buyers.

4. Flexibility to move: Summer offers some flexibility to move as there are fewer weather-related delays due to fewer chances of snow and ice. Having more hours of daylight as well gives sellers the chance to pack and move after-business hours.

5. Excitement: People seem to be more motivated to make changes when the weather is optimal. Working from home made house buyers eager to upgrade and move to properties that offer more privacy and space, leading buyers to be more proactive in making a purchase; especially in the Summer.

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