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5 top tips to ensure you find the best tenants

In this short read we share with you our top 5 tips to finding the best tenants.

Prepare the property:- No Landlords like void periods however, if the current tenant has been in the property for a long length of time and the property requires some updating, it might be worth waiting for it to become vacant to carry out the work. This will then be a fresh start for the next tenant and creates a strong first impression.

Set the right monthly rent:- Before deciding on the rent per calendar month, it’s worth reviewing what similar properties have achieved and how long it took them to rent out. You can ask a local agent for help with this or you can research using Rightmove and Zoopla.

Get the marketing right for the property:- Using multiple platforms such as Rightmove, Zoopla and social media will ensure the property gets the very best exposure. It will be viewed by the widest possible audience leading to more enquires in a quick timescale.

Consider holding a launch event:- Once you have pre-screened all the enquires via the telephone and selected the most suitable ones to view, it’s worth considering holding a launch event whereby you can pick the best 5-10 enquires to view the property over a 60-90 minute period. This will help create urgency for prospective tenants to return application forms and is a much more efficient use of time rather than visiting the property multiple times.

Choose your referencing provider wisely:- There are a number of referencing providers available but we would always recommend researching which is the best for your needs and certainly not an area you want to be trying to save money in. Getting full and comprehensive references are key to ensuring that you find the very best tenant.

If you would like any further information or have any questions, please contact Next Move Homes Norfolk on 01953 550317 or 01603 536719.

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