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In this short guide Next Move Homes Norfolk share’s their top 5 tips to changing estate agents.

In the perfect world, selling your home is should be a straight forwards process. You find an agent that that best meets your requirements, instruct them to put your property onto the market, you have lots of viewers and agree a price that you feel is fair for your property.

However if you have been on the market for a while, There are many reasons why you might be disappointed with your current estate agent. If you feel it is time to change estate agents here are a few top tips we would recommend.

1. Review the terms of business / contract you signed when you instructed the agent.

Look at your contract you signed and see what the terms specify. Most estate agency contracts will state ‘sole selling rights’, meaning you cannot instruct another agent to help sell your property. Your terms of business will also highlight how long you are tied into a sole agency agreement with them (Typically in Norfolk its around 12-16 weeks) but this should be have been highlighted to you at the point of instructing the agent.

2. Understand your notice period

You need to check how much notice is required to leave them, even though you might not still be in an agreement with them they will like require notice period of 14 or 28 days but again this varies by agent.

3.Arrange to meet with your current agent.

A good agent will normally speak with their clients at least twice per week, they will also send you over property performance graph which are obtained from the property portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla so you can see at a glance how much interest the property is achieving. If you are un happy with them agree with them how they will resolve your concerns and gain more interest in your property. Ultimately changing the pricing strategy will help but hold the agent to account to the price they suggested to would achieve.

4.Time to consider your next agent

Once you have given notice, you will be keen to appoint a new estate agent. Before choosing your next agent, take some time to think about:- Why the previous agent could not sell your home, was it priced in accordance with market condition? How good was the photography? Did the property description really highly all the features of the home? What feedback were you given by any viewers?

5.Invite another agent to re appraise the property and appoint a new agent

Arrange to meet with another estate agent, ask them to provide a realistic asking price to sell your property and discuss what their plan is to achieve this. Be open and honest with your experience and what has (or hasn’t) worked with the previous estate agent so both the and your new agent can be clear what expectations each other has.

If you have been on the market for a period of time and would like to discuss how we help sellers and buyer 7 days per week, contact us on 01953 550317, email or visit our website

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