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Selling your home? Here's a few tips from Next Move Homes, Norfolk on how to make sure you're ready.

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

You've made up your mind and want to sell, but that doesn't mean you're quite ready to put it on the market just yet. There are a few things you will want to consider and think about first.

Start preparing your property:-

Compare a few similar properties that have already gone up for sale in your area, and take into account their asking price, size of property, external space and overall condition. If you feel your property needs some minor re decoration both internally and externally, make a to-do list and get started. You'd be surprised what a difference a few days of hard work can do both on appealability and the price you can achieve

Understand how much you can afford:-

Review what you spend via your most recent bank statements and get understanding of your earnings and expenditure, so you know what you can afford in terms of mortgage repayments. Allow some contingency such as un expected car repairs. It's also worth finding all the paperwork for your home: deeds and details of leasehold or share of freehold arrangements (if applicable).

Contact an independent mortgage adviser. Depending on your situation, it may be worth looking into whether or not you can refinance your existing home loan with another lender. If you have an existing mortgage, be aware that there's could be early exit fee if you sell and move mortgages to a different provider.

Be legally prepared:-

Having a solicitor on board at the time your property joins the market really does speed up the whole process and can save a considerable amount of time when you agree a sale. Ask around for recommendations and talk to your agent, who will also have contacts. Ideally choose a solicitor with a good reputation and an office that is easily accessible making it easy and quick to return paperwork.

Prepare for marketing:-

When it’s time for your property to be marketed, before a date is agreed for a photographer to take professional photographs, ask your agent how best to present your home—take their suggestions on board to create a really strong first impression. Ensure that before your property joins the market you have worked with your agent to ensure that you both feel that the photography and property description is perfect.

Here at Next Move Homes we are passionate about helping buyers and sellers throughout the journey so if we can be of any help and support, or you might have a question that this article hasn’t covered, contact us on 01953 550317 or email

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