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The Importance of Professional Photography when selling your home

In this 2 minute read Martin explains the importance of having professional photography and videography when selling your home.

Why are photographs and videography so important?

How your house is photographed and videoed can really make a difference to both the length of time your house is on the market and the final price you achieve.

Professional photography and videography requires thought, preparation and high-tech advanced equipment. We want to showcase your property to the best viewers. Instructing an estate agent who does not provide professional photography, as part of their service, could not only cost you a sale but cost you thousands of pounds.

In the digital age we find ourselves living in, the average person is often seeing over 5,000 marketing messages every day. Our attention span is often even shorter than ever, and we no longer have the time to read a large amount of text. Instead, we often find the majority of people will scan over the words but pay more attention to the pictures and floorplans. Once we like the look of the property and how its presented, we will often then go back and read the description before arranging to view. Our videos really do try and capture the lifestyle choice of living in the property rather than just a room-by-room tour.

Here at Next Move Homes, as part of our standard marketing package we outsource our photography and videography to an external company, so you can be confident that they will provide outstanding results. This will ensure your property really does stand out from the others and maximize your selling potential.

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