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Why a fully managed property service offers good value for money for Landlords

In this short read, Next Move Homes Norfolk looks at why paying for property management might be the best decision financially and also removes a lot of the stress involved when renting a property.

As a landlord, you might have invested in property for additional income; maybe it’s part of your retirement plan, a property you inherited or perhaps you hadn’t planned on becoming a Landlord and had to rent your property due to a change in circumstances.

What does property management include?

Once a lettings agent is managing your property, they can take care of aspects such as marketing of the property, carrying out viewings (Often very time consuming), finding suitable tenants, arranging referencing, arranging the inventory, overseeing the moving in process, registering of deposit in a protected scheme, undertaking routine inspections and deposit disputes.

They will also have a full list of approved contractors, many of which would have undertaken work for a number of years and they will ensure they have the correct insurances in place to work at your property. They can also arrange any annual inspections such as gas safety certificates to ensure you remain compliant.

Regulations for Landlords is regularly changing, your agent will ensure that you keep up to date with your legal obligations.

Why should you consider a fully managed property service?

If you are a Landlord who has a busy life, maybe working long hours or have other commitments, maybe wanting to spend more time with your family or the property you rent out is some distance away from your home, then choosing a fully management service might be a good option for you.

If you want any further information or have any questions about the services we offer, please contact Next Move Homes Norfolk on 01953 550317 / 01603 536719 or email

Available for Landlords / Tenants / Sellers and Buyers 7 days per week.

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