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Why we use a professional photographer and videographer at Next Move Homes

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

When it comes to selling your home in 2023, first impressions really do make a difference. For a majority of potential house purchasers, the first time they see your property is online and therefore your photographs and video needs to be perfect.

We always use a professional photographer when you sell your house with Next Move Homes Norfolk and this is included free of charge. It’s great to have floorplans, highlight key features and include a lovely write up of your house in an advert, but the majority of potential buyers we talk to really want to visualize the property, not just read about it. If they like what they see they will then often explore and enquire further about the property.

Why we use professional photography for every property?

We are fortunate enough to work with Nathan, our photographer and videographer and with his years of experience and expertise he really does know how to ensure your property is captured to the highest possible standard. Once photographed, there are many more hours spent ensuring these are edited to perfection. Our videos are more focused on showcasing the lifestyle that living in your home has to offer.

The finer detail really does matter

Not only does Nathan understand the importance of light and staging, he also has the equipment for it. This includes own lights, top-quality camera and the best lenses to capture properties.

Click in the link below to see an example of the type of video we film. ⬇️

If you would like to find out more about us and the services we offer 7 days per week, contact us on 01953 550317, email or visit our website

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